Felixtowe Gardens, Suffolk

I visited Felixtowe just last week and realised there’s more to this town than meets the eye. Living in Suffolk we find this is he closest beach to where we live. It might not be my idea of paradise but spending a good amount of time here I felt I could actually appreciate that this place is in fact beautiful!

I visited the the Gardens which were reopened only recently and enjoyed a lovely cup coffee on my day off from work. Odds were in my favour because it was a beautiful sunny day! ☀️☀️☀️

The gardens came about as part of a strategy to increase dwindling tourism in this part of Suffolk. Seasides have long been known to attract British tourists and this was aimed to draw more visitors towards Felixtowe. With much support from residents, the gardens were then established.



I was surprised to come across these beautiful gardens because I really had no idea of their existence. I do in fact wonder how may people are aware of Felixtowe gardens. I certainly experienced a different Felixtowe to the town I know.

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