I haven’t blogged in a good couple of months due to being overwhelmed with life and responsibilities! It was a well deserved break in fact and I have had time to re-evaluate my life in that time. Since then much has happened, I resigned from my job had and amazing family holiday and my daughter was featured in a national tv advert so life has in fact been extremely busy from taking her to and from lessons, auditions and castings and film sets! It was great to take a two week break from everything.

We booked what was supposed to be a 14 day holiday but due to awkward flight times it really turned out to be a 13 day holiday. We found the cheapest possible holiday we could ( still not cheap!) towards the end of the summer holidays. One tip I would give it to always either book your holiday a week before the school term ends or right at the end. I almost cannot believe how expensive it is to holiday during the summer holidays! More importantly is how do people afford it? I do feel like it will be a good while until we go away in peak season again due to cost of it all. I must mention we did take our kids out of school. In fact they missed the first 2 days of the new year. Not a decision taken lightly. We simply felt we needed some family time away and could only afford to do so at the end of the summer holidays.


Oludeniz Beach

The first few days consisted of exploring the hotel and it’s amenities. We have visited this hotel before so we were familiar with what was available. The hotel felt a bit different this time around. Staff are always friendly making sure we were comfortable. There is lovely little coffee shop we visited every day in the late afternoon hence all my weight gain. You can enjoy biscuits, ice creams, macaroons, Turkish delight of course and tea and coffee. I have since become addicted to Turkish tea.

Now anyone with small children knows that your family holiday will consist of the beach, pools and ice cream literally and not much else 🙄. We tried our best to get out but manged 2 days out of 13 leaving the hotel which was fine because the kids had such an amazing time.


We also managed a day long boat trip from Fethiye town at an extremely low cost. One thing to be aware of is that many of the hotels will charge tourist prices for boat trips and extra activities. Don’ t be afraid to explore the market on your own and fish for better prices. We nearly paid £100 for a 3 hour boat trip supplied by a TUI! We decided to do our research and managed to walk around the harbour for an hour before getting a day long boat trip for under £30 for the whole family. One thing to mention is expect to be taken advantage of by some people if you’re not Turkish. We were overcharged on a taxi fare once and only realised the driver had ripped us off after getting out the taxi!

Overall this is a good spot for a well deserved family vacation. The hotel has an adults only area included if you prefer not to be around families. I also feel the need to mention that the beach in the location is a rocky beach so if that might bother you,    you may want to rethink the location. The staff however do their utmost to serve you and this contributed to us having a successsful vacation!


Table tennis and play area for kids below





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