A Day out to Flatford Mill


This past weekend was warm and sunny skies in Suffolk. We visited Flatford Mill and the kids had a lovely time! Flatford Mill was once owned by the Constable family. The Mill is consists of an exhibition dedicated to John Constable’s paintings detailing the beautiful surroundings of the area in which he lived in the Dedham Vale. We decided to have a picnic along the waters and watched the boats go by. John was keen to fly his drone and this was the main reason for our visit, however when we arrived and asked about drone flying were told that National Trusts do not allowed drone flying so this was news to us. Nevertheless it turned out to be a brilliant day indeed!

5 Things to do at Flatford Mill……

Go Boating

Boating is available for adults and kids. You are responsible for rowing your own boat which makes the experience more exciting.


Go Geocoaching

Get the kids Involved in the hunt! Also known as the “Flatford Mill” series, geocoaching is for the whole family. There are 4 coaches hidden in the area. You can download the Geo coaching app on your smartphone and attempt to find caches using the app.


Have a Picnic and some Ice Cream!

Make sure you bring some loose change for an ice-cream. We tried to make use of the day as much as we could. After our walk in the nearby fields we had a picnic along the lake. The ducks and swans tried to join us which was a little scary for the children! We brought some sandwiches and fruit along with us and the kids were able to enjoy an ice-cream afterwards. There is a lovely little cafe just around the corner from the main area where you can purchase food, however I like to keep costs down by bringing a packed lunch. I don’t mind spending a little bit on an ice-cream after.



Visit Bridge Cottage

You can visit the nearby Dedham Village. Walk to the Bridge Cottage which is a heritage house not far from the Flatford Mill National Trust Cafe. This cottage built in the 16th century is in the center of the Dedham Vale (located very close to the bridge). The cottage houses John Constable’s paintings and has various opening times. John Constable grew up and was raised in Dedham and attended the nearby Grammar school. He thoroughly enjoyed growing up in the area and would walk to school in the fields nearby the mill. There are many pictures depicting his life at the mill.



Visit the Cafe…

Flatford Mill Tea room is also managed by the National Trust and is popular for their tea and delicious cakes. The location overlooks the river and guests can enjoy a slice of cake while enjoying the prestine views!







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