My first Experience of Airbnb…Would I do it again?

Before exploring Airbnb I was a little worried about how difficult it would be to use for families looking for somewhere to stay. We initially looked at staying in a hotel in North Wales however found very difficult to find established hotel brands within the Welsh region. We are prone to book premier inn hotel or Holiday Inn if it’s a case of visiting attractions with the children. Mostly we usually need somewhere to lay our heads. This was a special occasion with it being my birthday so Premier Inn would not have been ideal in any case. Upon arriving in Ruthin Wales, we drove through nearby villages and towns and realised most accommodation on offer were bed and breakfast options. There are hotels in Snowdonia town itself but most offers were mainly bed and breakfast. We felt we had no choice but to consider booking through Airbnb which we did. The website navigation is simple enough for most people who may not be internet savvy like myself.

Finding the location

I have read some reviews of Airbnb stating that some of the homes are not easy to find en route. Taxi drivers may not find home addresses on their GPS systems so be aware of this especially when travelling in a foreign country. Some hosts are helpful enough to meet guests in an agreed location and take them to their accommodation. In our case, our cottage was situated far out in the countryside. It would have been impossible to find the cottage without help. The owner was kind enough to meet us at the local Tesco and we were able to follow him in our car. It took about 20 minutes to reach our cottage. The roads were extremely muddy and we were unable to drive our car down their driveway. We walked short a distance to the house taking all our shop bought food from the local Tesco with us with the children helping. Airbnb is not a bed and breakfast so either bring your own food or you can eat out. It made sense for us to cook all our meals with the nearest pub being 20 minutes away. We did have our evening dinner at the local Witherspoon in Ruthin village. Of all the Weatherspoon pubs I have visited my years of living in the U.K. this was by far the poshest pub I’ve eaten in. Meal prices are standard Weatherspoon price, cheap and easy food for the family.

Weatherspoon, Ruthin Wales

The cottage

We were welcomed to a cosy and warm house. The family lives with their dog and cat which was unfortunate for my husband who is extremely allergic to cats. There were also ducks on the property which was great for the kids. They had the task of taking the ducks out of their coops in the morning and bringing them back in the evenings which was great fun for them!

Pictures: inside the cottage

Good value for money?

I almost already knew the answer to this question when we booked the cottage. We both felt we paid too much for the short time spent there. I did mention that this was a last resort because we were desperate to have a long weekend away although couldn’t seem to find a decent hotel so our frantic search for accommodation resulted in us paying more than we felt we should be paying. While driving around Wales we did however spot what from the outside looked like a few good hotels and bed & breakfasts.

Extra charges

You will be charged fees on top of the cost of accommodation per night you are paying for. Some of these fees include Guest service fees which can charge between 5% and 15% of the reservation total. Guests using the site will be able to see these fees before payment.

Would I visit Airbnb again?

I  could not give a yes or no answer to this question. I do enjoy staying in hotels and all the luxuries that come with hotel stays, shampoo, bubble bath, soaps and all the things that make you feel a little ‘special’ when you’re on holiday. I have a family so my lifestyle doesn’t cater for the curious traveller. I do enjoy coming back to a clean hotel room after a day out and enjoying a warm bath where I don’t have to scrub the bathroom clean once I’m done. My overall experience was a good one. There were a few downsides that make me want to see it as a last resort but overall I had a good first time experience with Airbnb.

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  1. our experience i air bnb has always been good. especially the cost is way more cheaper than in hotels..only downside for us is not flexible check in check out time..and that kinda become a bottleneck sometimes


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