Visit Parkgate on the Wirral..

Visit Parkgate, Wirral…

The village of Parkgate is located on the On the Wirral Peninsula in the North West of England. This February half term we were able to leave our cosy nest of Suffolk for a few days to visit family.  I have been visiting Parkgate for a number of years. This is the village in which my husband grew up. He managed to take his drone along with him on our visit and captured some scenic views.

History of Parkgate

Well known as a port during the 18th century, Parkgate later became a popular spot for bathers on the sea front which was known to cure skin conditions. Some years later however, due to the growth and formation of grass in the water the area was no longer a popular bathing spot for tourists. This meant Parkgate could only be used for small subsistence farming such as fishing. If you happen to visit the North West of England make sure to stop by this former fishing village…

Visit Nicholls Ice cream

Established in 1937 Nicholls ice cream shop is a favorite among residents and tourist throughout the year. With breathtaking views you can visit the shop all year round. A great place to take the children in the summer months!

Visit Mr Chows Restaurant & Fish and Chips

A popular Chinese restaurant and eatery that has been in the area for a number of years,this establishment has been managed as a family business. I have had the pleasant experience of dining here twice over the years. Friendly staff and memorable experience overall. If you fancy treating yourself to a luxury meal out or for any special occasion try not to miss out on this exceptional dining experience! Alternatively you can enjoy fish and chips at Parkgate “chippie” next door, also owned by the same family and enjoy stunning views along the promenade.

Walk along the promenade

Take the family out on scenic walk. The area is covered by marshland. By day and night you can enjoy the view of North Wales across the distance.

Elephant Coffee Shop & Restuarant

The Elephant Coffee shop and restaurant has become one of my newest favorite places when I visit Parkgate. Situated on the promenade overlooking North Wales, this coffee shop by day, lounge/restaurant by night brings on a modern take to Parkgate as a traditional village. Listen to live entertainment every Monday evening and enjoy stone baked pizzas on Tuesdays and Thursdays . There is something special happening every day of the week!

Link to website:

5. Explore the Wirral Way

Perfect for cycling and walking, if you love the outdoors get the children on their bikes and cycle the route. There are a few stops along the 3.5 mile route.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. A great place visit outside of Liverpool city and a quiet weekend away for the family . If you have any interesting facts to add please do comment below!

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