Budgeting to travel…

I’ve been reading quite a few blogs on families who manage to save more money by travelling than they do living in one place and I definatly see how this can work for them as I don’t believe travelling needs to be extravagant in any way shape or form however, for many of us it’s just not realistic especially if don’t make your money over the internet which would almost allow you to go where your heart desires. Personally, setting a budget to to be able to go anywhere works well as a family. This year I’ve decided to monitor and reduce the amount of money we, as a family spend on groceries because I believe we could realistically use the excess money we spend on food and takeaways and go on a nice weekend away at least every other month. This would benefit us more as a family than it would eating out every weekend. I will be including the issue of costs on my blog including accommodation prices, costs of food on weekends away and days out because this plays a big factor in entertaining our families and making sure our kids enjoy trips out!




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