Top 5 places to see on the Greek island of Kos

Last year was my very first time visiting the island of Kos. I absolutely love how the Greek live life at such a slow pace. Quite a difference to how we live our lives in the UK. Here are some of the places we visited. Although we visited as a couple, this is a place i plan to take the kids here in the near future so here are some of the reasons to take your family on a holiday vacation.

Beach Locations

We booked our holiday through Thomsons Travel (TUI) and stayed at the Palazzo del Mare located in the sleepy town of Mari Mari. We arrived in mid-May with the weather at around 22 degrees celsius throughout the whole time we stayed. It did seem quite a lot warmer than this however luckily for us. We arrived in the late evening and all we wanted to do was eat and sleep. After breakfast on our first day we immediately headed to the beach and we greeted with an amazing view a stones throw away from the Hotel.



Marimari Beach- Kos

Boat Trips

Kos town offers many boat trips costing between £25-£30. Some boat companies offer half price or free for younger children.

Lido Water Park

Depending on where you are staying, Lido Water Park is a great place to take the children on your trip. Granted, if you choose to stay in a family hotel, the facilities would likely include swimming pools for children, however, if staying in an apartment, this is an amazing place to take the kids and keep them entertained all day long. Tickects cost around £22 per person. The park includes an interactive kids area, complex slides as well as waterfalls.

Lido Water Park

Village of Zia

Zia is a lovely village located on the mountainside. Aside from the beaches, this location is on on of the reasons I fell in love with he island of Kos. John and I were able to rent a ‘buggy’ near the hotel and this meant we were able to some of the island’s tourist attractions. Although a village, Zia has many visitors in the summer months. Families sell home made produce to tourists from food to skin products, olive oils, carpets and natural products produced by the Greek. We had an early dinner in a restaurant specializing in the most amazing lemonade I have ever had! The sunset views seem to attract so many people to this stunning location.



Explore Kos Town

Taking time out to enjoy a bus ride into the town is something to do with children. A bus trip into town costs around 2 Euros. Once in town, you can visit museums, walk along the harbour, explore the Greek Orthodox church in the town centre and have a lovely lunch! I was surprised about the amounts of cats we saw in Greece. Im not sure about the history of the island and the cats but I have never sen so many stray cats in one place!

View from our hotel Room Balcony


Greek orthodox Church- Kos Town Centre

We were able to rent a buggy for 2 days to get out of the hotel area and visit a few scenic routes. Buggy rental- 50-60 Euros for 2 days.

These a just a few of the many places we visited on our trip. Please share in the comment box below places you may have seen and visited in and around Kos that was of interest to you!

Thanks for reading!!














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